Body Positive: Love all of YOU

Surely I can say that I have not always had good body image, in fact I was miles away from it, in the past I suffered with a crippling low self esteem and it infected every part of my life. I went from being someone with a few body issues,  which I eventually managed to cover up with a massive dose of self
depreciation, to someone who felt extremely uncomfortable in my own skin. There were definitely days where it was the extreme as I felt it wasn’t worth going out, wearing nice clothes or even being a capable individual.   I always got by with a fake smile and sometimes being too loud but privately I was living a life of self hatred and the majority of this hatred was because of the thoughts I had about my body.
The sad fact is that I am not alone in this experience, far too
many of us feel limited by our bodies or held back by what we see as  flaws.

Looking back at my life I can not believe how much has changed, I genuinely feel good about myself, the way I look, my capabilities and the person I have become. The interesting thing is physically nothing much has changed, just that I’ve  become older, a bit taller and my hair might be different. Today in that same body which I once hated.
What changed? No diets,  no workouts or plastic surgery was required only a change in
attitude .

This is so true! Believe it♡

This is a battle field,  we waging war. Here are some of the things you could use to fight your negativity.

Accepting yourself is probably a good place to start. Try to love yourself even with your stretch marks and that flabby arms♡.

When shopping its important to know your size and be happy with it.  On many occasions we tend to buy a smaller sizes . The thing with smaller sizes is you create a false illusion that you too big for that pants where in reality its just not your size !

Practice makes perfect… promise yourself not to say something bad about yourself or another person.  If you won’t say it to someone else DON’T say it to yourself. When speaking bad about yourself in public , you show people how they should treat you. Next time when you do speak a bad… catch yourself and turn it into something good. Example: The old you: “I’m a idiot”
The new you: ” oops did I just do that? Let me fix that. ”
Become aware of what you speak.  Words have power!

I don’t gym,  and I’m not a fan of major workout.  I do enjoy walking and having a fun time swimming though.  Exercise by doing things you enjoy doing. We all know that exercise is really good to stimulate the brain, it also gives you a better outlook on life . You fee better and healthier.  Get those endorphins up.
DON’T starve yourself you are human and we really like food! Ha ha ha enjoy your food. Remember to nourish your body with good foods to boost your energy and make  you feel great!


Every day is a new day to start to build yourself up! It will take time , but don’t become discouraged…. Try and try again. I personally still  have my days … but don’t let that define you!

Believe in yourself,  you are worth more than the number on the scale and your dress size.  Be happy today the power is already within you!  Unlock the treasures♡♥

Where there is a will there’s a way. ♡


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