those quotation marks over freedom hold a lot of weight.

“Isn’t it strange how food, water and land – the very elements we need to survive – are owned by corporations? There is no food for us on trees, no fresh water in streams, no land to build a home. We have to buy it from them.”

When did we start to blindly accept that the bare necessities of life, the one’s ‘God’ is meant to have given us had a price? A price which benefits a select few and whilst they life in their fairytale, enchanted worlds, children are starving around the world. I live in England, the land is fertile and great for agriculture. So why am I buying tomatoes from a supermarket, grown a few hundred miles away?

“Then grow your own!” I hear you say. Yeah, see the problem with that is is have to buy…

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One thought on ““Freedom”

  1. Actually – In my world – the people own the land. I own mine. I walk out of my door and all my food awaits. I have developed a self sufficient life style that allows me to produce my own food water and power. The Corporations are not the problem. Our Hearts are the problem. We must look further inward before we look any further outward. Once we are all able to say “My Soul is in a good place” then we can start to make some progress.

    Please do not place blame on Corporations for all that burdens society. If we removed them all today where would you gt your computer from? Where would your Car come from? Where would your Grocery come from? Are their tactics sometimes based soley on greed? YES – they will get theirs ni the end though. It’s simple Karma. Make sure your sould and heart are in the right place then look for solutions – Change your world.


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