Table Mountain , 25Km and 9hours

On  September 24th, known as Heritage/braai-day to South Africans. The general population celebrates this public holiday by making a fire and enjoying delicious Braai meat as well as engaging in various cultural and traditional entertainment activities.
As for me I found  myself covered and surrounded by the beauty of nature . Here in the  mother city the heart of Cape Town and on one of the seven wonders of the world, Table Mountain.

Myself and Jodi taking the hills!

Each year we as a church community dedicate 25km as a pilgrimage and as a sign of love/gift to God. We travel from  shrine to shrine which is 25Km apart.  This is considered to be a hike….. which is literally the entire Table mountain .

My previous experience of the shrine to shrine:
It’s difficult being patient or even having a sense of endurance when you do not know where you are heading. My very first experience was a tormenting and  frustrating one . My entire body was affected.  I had blisters for days with stiff muscles and a painful body. I could Bearley walk or even move afterwards.  The feeling was very exhausting.
It was this feeling that moved me to improve and develop my fitness level!  I made sure that I was committed and consistent with my training…. I attend various physical activities and I am glad to say that I am 8 Kg lighter! 


This year I had plenty of energy and treasured every step I took . My heart was beating faster and the sun heated up as the day continued.  The hills were high  , the rocks were unstable and the thar was as hot as hell. Surprisingly I was not complaining instead I was captivated by the beauty of nature and humor of a friend , it was this that motivated and kept me from negative thoughts. Not only did I see it as a fitness challenge but as and opportunity to bond with my best friend and fellow parishioners .


If you are considering a staineous hike .
Here are some tips:
1. Do not over pack your bag.
2. Ensure that you have liquids, water is vital .
3. Protect yourself against the UV rays, sun screen and shades!
4. Think positive
5 . Have a optimistic friend.
6. Make sure you consume protein, it helps your body function properly as well as help repair your muscle.

Lessons in disguise:
1.You are capable if you believe you are.
2. Giving up is never a option.
3.The rewards are greater if you push harder.
4.You are stronger than you thought you were.

I would encourage you to challenge yourself and if you do find yourself in Cape Town,  I suggest you start or try out the various hiking trails such as Lions Head,  Devils Peak , slangkop and Kristen bosch . To find these locations you can make use of Google maps and GPRS systems.  These hiking trails are adventurous and filled with site seeing , it is approximately less than 4 hours each . They are safe but I would advise you to do it with a group and not individually.

Love and light♡

Where there is a will there’s a way. ♡


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