24FitBodyLab : With Coach Felicia

Welcome to the hi-way of your fitness journey!
If you are a health or fitness freak or the person that wants to change the way you look, lose weight,  build muscle or just make some good friends this is PERFECT for you.


Coach Felicia is a young,  enthusiastic and energy-filled individual who teaches at a school in the community during the day and I would say on her off days she focuses on her passion, which is to strive to become the fittest lady in Town! as well having a huge impact on the health and wellness of her community.


Saturday, I attend her fit-club know as 24fit-bodylab which is currently running at Alenby Drive Sports fields club in retreat.
I must say that I thoroughly enjoy every moment of it, I felt at home and that this could be a space for me to grow and develope myself physically and reach my weight loss goals.

I would encourage you to make the effort to attend one her classes which is on a Monday (6:30pm), Thursday (6:30pm) and Saturday (8am) you might see yourself becoming apart of this Amazing movement, Which is currently FREE. Becoming apart of this movement will open so many health and fitness doors that you never thought of…

click here for directions.


While you are here, like her Facebook page to be updated on more info!
press Here

What to bring along:
Make sure you eat something!
1. A exercise mat or a towel.
2. A Bottle of Water.
3. An enthusiastic spirit and can do attitude.



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