Cape Town international jazz Fest♥

This year’s 17th annual CTIJF is back with a bang! It claims to be bigger,  better and even more Jazzier than ever.  Experience the Jazzy sensation from local and international artists.
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As you should know by now , I am currently a student at Cput and part of my public relations project is to promote this event, specifically the sustainable and development programme.  It has simultaneously been tremendously challenging and super duper fabulous. I am part of an amazing group promoting the FREE , yes FREE Music business workshops that will be hosted in amazing venues  one of which is “The Sun hotel”  in central Cape Town.

Want to know more
These workshops are empowered by Espafrika and the Cape Town international jazz festival sustainable and development programme.  Through these programmes it hopes to enrich the community , talented musicians as well as aspiring business individuals.  The workshops are presented by established men and women within the industry ,  they will be sharing their ideas and successful stories. 
These workshops has been very successful and many people have found great inspirations and empowerment to pursue their careers with passion and purpose.

Note to you :

The Festival is less than 10 days away!  I will shortly inform you specifically on the Music business workshop and how you can become a part of this GOLDEN opportunity. 
Save the date: 1 April 2016



8 thoughts on “Cape Town international jazz Fest♥

  1. This a great opportunity for aspiring musicians, moreover the free concert hosted at Green Market square is an amazing space for small business to tap into the same opportunity. At the same time bringing the fazz festival to people who would otherwise not be able to afford tickets to the main events!

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