5 Signs that you are meant to work in the music industry Written by: Shannique Hodman


For many it is difficult to take that leap of faith and pursue a career in the music industry. Yet some people are destined to be music moguals, without realising it. Here are 5 signs that you are meant work in the music industry.

1. Your emotions drive you.

People might perceive you as being  stubborn but with this comes determination. You act based on instinct and emotions and are very passionate about things you take on in life. Your self-willingness is the reason you do not conform to norms (people most likely love you for it!).

2.  You love reading but to a certain extend.

You enjoy getting lost in the plots of books to garner creativite ideas but you also realise that you are surrounded with an eniviroment that can get your creative juices flowing. You mostly gather ideas from sources around you to maintain your originality. You have the perfect balance between living in a fantasy and returning to reality.

3. You make time for people .

You are a peoples person and connect with them instantly. Building a relationship with people is very important to you, even if you just met them. You understand that connections is your greatest weapon and that you should act fast if you want keep that connection.

 4. You adapt to your enivroment .

No matter the situation or enviroment you find yourself in, you always find a way to relate to it. You can keep conversation or you are a great listener, either way you know how to charm people with your presence.

5. You try and attend all the major events.

If you spend a lot of your time on the Computicket website looking for new upcoming events then a job in the music industry is for YOU. You try and go to all the music events and concerts (that you like of course) and do not mind spending some money on it. You are a music junkie and love the thrill of being in a crowd.  

If you find that these five points sum you up as a person, it’s time to put your music cap on and get to know the industry a bit better.  

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