Seeking  truth: The Holy Spirit👑

Are you eating  the  lies the world is feeding you ? 

John 16:13_NIV  “But when He, the spirit of truth, comes,  He will guide you into all truth.”

Since the early stages of  our time, we have become  vulnerable to the influences of the world and everything around us. Everything  and everyone we encounter  has a subconscious influence  on our identity and social acceptance(Steinberg, 2015).

Let’s  simplify this for you, the media acts as a platform  for individuals to find their  identify…what I am  actually saying is ; the girl or guy  on the magazine cover you fret about ,not matching their  shape or perfect skin tone (photo shop-just maybe ), that phone on the TV ad that’s only for the cool kids, it’s just so sad you don’t have one…  (shame), I know you wanted to be cool too. Let’s not forget the car you saw on the billboard this morning, that sure is only for the perfect family with a Mom , Dad and a dog.

Let that soak in…. Can  you relate to  these  feelings? 

Advertising subconsciously  creeps into our minds and our beings, selling  us the lie that we are living  the wrong life. That our life  is not ideal,  it’s just not the way life should be. You start asking yourself…. why me?, when ?,how? 

These questions  does not only create in us  a envious  heart but a mind that is self-seeking and a soul that falls for the lies of society. The enemy  attacks areas because he knows that we lack the wisdom  and truth,  which is found in Jesus Christ. 

Don’t  allow the enemy to  steal your  joy. Practice gratitude each day and watch your world  expand🌼. Be thankful for every  little  thing you have and receive for what you have is a blessing from God. Your life is perfect, you are just missing the joy!

Stop chasing society ,it is the draining force that will  only empty  you  more as you  seek fulfilment in the lies of the world .

“I AM the way the TRUTH and the Life “:said Jesus- John 14:6

Dear believers,  don’t  allow the world to feed you a false identity. Seek Him who is the truth. Seek the spirit of truth, He who comes to help, educate and comfort you in the supernatural  and natural. 

“Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you “. James 4:8

He will draw near to and show you who you are. Thus, you will no longer need to conform to the  ways of the world or try to adjust your life to live up to that cover girl/guy.
Jesus loves you- Read  Psalm 139


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