The process of a healing heart

-” He heals the broken hearted.”                              Psalm 147:3

This is most probably one of the most sensitive  topics  ever and it requires much vulnerability which is frightening to many of our kind(Humans). 

Ever since the day we took our first breath, our fragile hearts became exposed to external factors  that will scar us. Facing hurt and a broken little heart, is the one thing we can not avoid. People need each other  and it’s saddening to know that the people we love and trust are the ones who hurt and betray us. 


I have always told myself,  betrayal would never knock on my door. The people I meet will always be true to me and they will be for me. I have  a support structure and a loving family as good examples, friends who love me and good people I meet. I’ve set myself standards to always  seek the good in others no matter what. 

Yet, not even reaching the peak of my life, disappointments came knocking on my door. The family I thought had my back, vanished  in thin air, friends grew few and what was once a beautiful promise was nothing but empty wordless words falling from their lips. 

I never expected the loyalty of family and friends to grow weary. This has taught me to trust and reply only on the Lord. For he is the same everyday.Hebrews 13 : 8 Jesus Christ is the same ,yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Jesus is also the promise keeper that never, disappointment or speak meaningless words.Every word and promise made He shall fulfill

Romans 9:6–8 :” God’s Promises Never Fail.”

Today …the feeling of betrayal is not strange or unknown ,when I experienced betrayal,  it  broke  my heart and I felt extremely hurt and challenge with an unforgiving  heart.It was through  this, that I realised the Devil wanted to steal my joy , he wanted  my joy to grow cold and my heart to be hardened by building grudges and keeping my heart imprisoned with unforgiveness.I prayed for the pain that was so deep, my heart felt like it was literally bleeding to out of my chest. 

The truth is as much a I had this hurt and as much as I had these feelings  of resentment towards the few people  who betrayed me. It was God’s will for me to turn the other cheek and to forgive,because He had forgiven me. See Luke 6:29 and Matthew 6:14

I  realised that what I feel  is much greater that myself,  how can I take the place of the just  judge? I too am a sinner in need of God’s grace and mercy. Resentment and hatred  will be food for the Devil and poison to my soul. No matter how bad the  situation or your betrayal. God commands  us to forgive our trespassers and to  overcome evil with good. God himself said revenge belongs to him only and the battle we fight is not ours but His , all we have to do is to be still. See Deuteronomy 32:35

Exodus 14:14 “The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still.”

Allow Jesus to turn your scars into stories and your pain into victory, one day at a time.

My prayer for you:

“May you turn to God and give him all the feelings boiling inside of your heart. For He promises to heal our broken hearts. May He fill you  with himself  and heal your heart from the humiliation, hurt and pain of those  who betrayed you. May he search your heart and soul and give you a new spirit  within, to forgive  and let go of all unwanted  feelings and emotions .

May the joy of the Lord be your strength. 


Dear, Father 

Thank you for your  healing power in my life,  thank you for steadying  my heart and for giving  me a new spirit. I pray  for X(insert name ) turn your face toward X, Lord reveal your heart to X. Help me to forgive all the pain and heartbreak caused because of what  X has done. Lord in my human nature I am weak. Give me your  strength  and help me not to harden my heart. Bless X and bring him/her to your salvation. 

In Jesus name. 



3 thoughts on “The process of a healing heart

  1. Create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit within me…
    Cast me not away from Your Presence,oh Lord…
    Take not Your Holy Spirit from me….
    But restore unto the joy of Your Salvation…
    And renew Your Right Spirit within me…

    Jinne, this song comes room mind and as David wrote it…and his respect for Soul… May God create in us that Spirit of Forgiveness and Love…

    Thanks for the reminder Toni

    Liked by 1 person

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