Why should we fear God? 

For a long time, I have found this concept very confusing, mainly because all knew was that God is gracious and He is love.My knowledge and vision of the God the father were very narrow, in my mind I believed that I knew God but really all I knew was, that his grace is sufficient and everything else about him didn’t matter. Indeed His grace is sufficient and his gift to me is eternal life. R: 1 John 4:8, Romans 6:23.

So why then should we fear God?

The fear of the lord is the beginning of wisdom. (Ps 111:10)

  • God is all knowing
  • God is sovereign
  • God is powerful
  • God is holy
  • God is the righteous judge

R: Proverbs 9:10, 1 John 3:19:20 ,1 Peter 1:5:16, Acts 17:30:31

When we became aware of  God’s superiority, his power and his holiness. We will begin to obey the commandments of the Lord and come to him in reverence and fear, knowing that we are nothing, that he knows our thoughts, our hearts and He is the one God who gives and who takes away.Nothing absolutely nothing can escape from His presence.

How is it possible to wallow in my sin without repentance, to believe that I am capable of doing my daily deeds without any help from above.What if God decides to end my life today? What if all I am doing is in vain? To please me and not God.To seek approval from others instead of God.

God is gracious and He forgives but He is also a God of anger and deserves our complete surrender.Trusting in His faithfulness and living a thankful life for the glory of God, may His favour and blessings always be with you.

Blessings 👑


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