Finding Your God Given Purpose

What is your purpose  here on earth?  

If I asked you that question,  would you be able to give me a clear answer? 

If you have asked yourself the above question , I want to let you know that, you are not the only one. I also want to tell you that your life  is not a coincidence. 

Psalm 139 states that your very being was formed by God. He gave you your personality,  your talents , desires, strengths and weaknesses. Where you live and your circumstances are all in his perfect plan for you. He has blessed each one with a specific purpose and everything he has given to you is to fulfil that purpose .

Firstly , as christians  we have a common purpose, that is to worship God, obey God and to make disciples( The great commission ). Making disciples is our first call. We do this through  our actions and belief, by gathering the lost sheep and proclaiming the name of Jesus.- See Matthew 28:16-20 

Secondly, God has blessed you and given you an ordained purpose and has an unstoppable plan for your life,that only you can fulfil. – see Jeremiah 29: 11

How do you know what your purpose is here on earth? 

  • Ask God, it is that simply.
  • Draw close to God. 
  • Build a relationship  with the  Holy Spirit.
  • Listen  to the whisphers  in your life,the things that make you happy and that you are passionate about.
  • Listen to the compliments  you receive from others.
  • Choose to commit  to something you are passionate  about. 

We can ask God anything  and he will surely answer us, in a unique way. He normally  prepares us for our purpose and you will be surprised to know that all you have been through was to prepare you for who and what you are to be. 

To truly discover  our ordained  purpose, we must communicate with God. We might have a plan , or a dream  but our thoughts are not God’s and our plans are not God’s. – see Isaiah 55:8 


Next week, I will be sharing some more on this topic.

Blessings 👑


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