How to keep Christ in Christmas

        “Christmas is a time to love.”

Welcome back, readers!

I am sure that we are all aware that Christmas is approaching in a rapid state whereby people are commuting back and forth to their desired destination. The hustle and bustle mindset distracts the majority of the general population since they are feeling an overwhelming rollercoaster of emotions which deprives them of the birth of our Lord and Saviour! This time can be very stressful and pressure for many families. This blessed celebration has moved ahead of itself and the true meaning which has little value in today’s society.

Throughout this post, I’ll be highlighting a few tips that you could find useful to help you remain sober-minded throughout the rush of this commercialised season and to be rooted in Jesus Christ our saviour. As Christians, we are so blessed and enthralled to commemorate such a wonderful day. Because of his birth, we are reminded of God’s love for his people and through the birth of baby Jesus, we may be reconciled with God forever.

What are you focusing on during this festive season?

Food, gifts, clothing, day trips? …. All these belongings are wonderful but it takes all of this to distract us from the true meaning and presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives and I don’t have to quote scriptures, because we all know that it’s more than that. We know that if we have these privileges we are extremely blessed, but we are also constantly reminded that there are some people who don’t have anything. Just like baby Jesus; who had no place to rest, yet a king, saviour and Messiah born in a manger.

I hope that this Christmas brings you many blessings and that Jesus will be born within your heart. I will continue to pray that each one of us will attempt to carry him into our homes and hearts of all we meet especially during this season. Let us not look for the riches and fleeting pleasures society paints, but for the manager, the simple and the humble things, offering and giving in a joyful spirit.

Here are a few tips to stay rooted in the true meaning: 

  • Remember, Christmas is to honour Jesus Christ.
  • Spend wisely and don’t be foolish. Give with wisdom and practice good stewardship.
  • Practice self -control and don’t be distracted to overindulge.
  • Recall that Jesus came for you and me, that we may have hope and joy in eternal life.
  • Be grateful for what you have and show gratitude.
  • Smile and Thank God

Thinking about gifts? Challenge yourself to bless a child or elderly person with something small. Christmas is a time to love, so love unconditionally.

Blessings 👑


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