“And the LORD has declared this day that you are his people, his treasured possession as he promised, and that you are to keep all his commands.”                       Deuteronomy 26:18

Did you know that you belong to God? You are God’s  most prized possession.We all know this very well, that God loved us so much, that he sacrificed his only Son to have you in his presence.

Self – worth is the sense of one’s  own value or worth. Knowing your worth is very important as people and as children of God. In Hosea 4:6 God says:” My people  perish for a lack of knowledge.” Thus, if we don’t know our worth and our value in Jesus, we will allow anyone and anything to place a price tag on us.One that is cheap and degrading.

Society has taught us to rely on and find our worth in the things of this world. The things that constantly fluctuates. Many of us find our value based on Facebook likes, Instagram followers, friends, relationships, money, careers, and even knowledge. As mentioned above, things of this world fluctuate and changes with the wind. Thus when it’s up to our worth increases, and when it’s down our worth decrease.

So, when basing your self-worth on these things, your life will be like a rollercoaster, because people change, situations change and you change. Your self- worth is found in Jesus alone. Hebrews 13:8 “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today” God never changes we can be sure. He paid a precious price for you and I. Don’t  allow anyone to tell you otherwise.

Well, before I drift further let me dig into the 6 Tips for building your self – worth.

  1. Desire a thriving relationship with God.  NOT surviving but thriving…. to come to know God you need to establish that relationship. You need to feed your soul daily by reading the word of God.You need to reach a point where you start producing fruits and working for God’s  kingdom… but we know it all starts with the “desire”..We know that the more time we spend with any person, that person’s characteristics slowly start rubbing off on us.We know the saying  ” birds of a feather, flock together”. So it is evitable that the more you read the word and spend time with God, that you will become like God.
  2. Forgive your self and forgive others. You have to let go of the mistakes you made.The sins you’ve committed,  God has forgiven you but you need to forgive yourself too.Then the very thing that causes us to harbour resentment and enslaves us is unforgiveness for others. God commands us to forgive because He forgave us. Many times we define our worth on how people treat us and we dwell on their hurtful actions towards us. Yes, you might have allowed people to use you, you might have sold yourself short.But that is in past. You can not build your worth on what you did then or what others did then.It is time to forgive yourself and forgive them.
  3. Your past does not define you. Just as mentioned above, God’s  past defines you. What Jesus did 2000 years ago defines us. His Grace, His mercy and His love that is the only past that defines us. Those people who have wounded us in our past have moved on…Let them go with love and pray for them.
  4. Observe what makes you unique.  Psalm 139: 14 says we are wonderful and fearfully made. God made you with reverence, you are one of a kind. There is no need to fit in or desire what others have. You have your own talents and gifts so stay in your lane because you are perfect for your purpose and God wants to use you there.Don’t copy anyone but Christ Jesus.Now discover what you love and work hard on improving it every day and become the best.
  5. Discredit the negative others said about you or what you said about yourself. When you get thoughts or reminders about what people said about you, discredit it with the word of God.Do not allow the past to come into the present. Don’t allow the enemy time to boggle your mind with vain imaginations. Cast it down. You have the mind of Christ.
  6. Set new standards

    You are not a sale item. Don’t allow anyone in your space that doesn’t know your worth. While setting a new standard for yourself. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you and especially to help you discern between the spirits of people. Know your worth and love yourself.1Corinthians 6: 20; reminds us that we are bought at a price and that we are no longer our own. We are God’s children … We need to stop allowing anyone accesses to our space and into our emotional space, especially women,  stop allowing men into your sphere, and giving them or anyone what they want of you. In a store, the most expensive goods are hidden and displayed in glass cabinets.Whereas the sale items are touched by everyone and are placed right in front for everyone to see. Everyone touches it and is most likely to buy it and not appreciate it.



Dear Jesus…           ‘

 Thank you for your presence. Thank you for purchasing me with your life. I ask that you will guide me and help me to rediscover  my self- worth in you and through you. Fill me up with you and lead me.                AMEN




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