Who am I?

Who am I?

This question is most probably the one question that boggles minds.When I go for a job interview, I fear the ” so tell me about yourself.” I become fidgety and my mind goes in circles, my palms sweat and I start rambling things that don’t add up to who I am.It is as if this question convinces me that I am a stranger to myself.

The thing is… for a very long period of my life, I have been searching and trying to discover who I am. You could ask my family and close friend and they’ll tell you, I  hopped in and out of hobbies, career choices etc.This left me categorised by my family and friends as “The sweet girl and jack of all traits but master of none.” This obviously was a slight joke, but this seed was sown and for a long time I was watering it.

I could never understand myself and I was always trying to please people.The disease to please people, made me feel like I had some purpose…but I got it totally wrong because I would eventually end up compromising my beliefs. I so badly wanted to be accepted that pleasing people was my thing.

Well, praise the Lord, for giving me direction and insight.I had to come to know the true “I AM to know who I am”…(I hope you get that:))

As my relationship with God grew and I started to seek God. I have found my true Identity and self – worth.I started seeking to please God and not people. I started loving people and giving them opportunities to rely on God and not just giving and giving of myself freely.God has given me worth and I need to steward my worth, my talents and represent him wherever I am because the great I AM is within me.

How do you know who you are?

It starts by knowing your creator, God the one who was, who is and who is to come. The same one who gave you breath inside you. “You are wonderfully and fearfully made”-Psalm 139: 14

You were made with a reverence, a fear and you belong to God.What people say about you doesn’t matter.Stop watering the seeds of the fallen world and believe the word of God.

God is your Father, the Holy Spirit lives in you and you are borrowed to this earth. So live loved and live kingdom minded for you are a Child of God.

Today, I don’t affirm the false truth about myself anymore, I believe the word of God and can face all things with confidence.The confidence of God, not myself. Knowing who I am in Christ has radically changed my life and the way I think. I want you to experience the love and knowledge too.

Blessings 👑


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