What is Trust? 

I’m trying to trust but my past keeps haunting me.I am still wounded by my past and I feel the pain as if it was yesterday. It’s so strange…why have I held hostage by this thing that cripples my mind and soul…Trust issues.
And that is one of my journal entries from long ago.Reading it now. I can only praise God for giving me new hope and strength to overcome my trust issues.All my life I have always accepted people without judgement allowed them into my space and told them things that weren’t meant for their ears… Until I realised life is not what I had in my mind. A very valuable lesson I have learnt. “Be careful who you allow into our personal space.” You can not trust everyone you meet and no one needs to know your business.

That being said, we are mortal beings and generally, we slip and fall and fail to deliver. Trust can easily be broken and it’s so hard to restore. I have said that we are mortal… but what’s most important is that we serve an immortal God, a constant God, a faithful and trustworthy God. While you are telling the world your stories… God is waiting and longing for you to tell him your story and allow him to work in your life.

So, I ask you again, what does it mean to trust?

Trust builds and holds relationships together; it’s that one thing that builds security and comfortability between two beings.As well as that one thing, we always use as a reference for everything we encounter in life. However, in life, you won’t always receive everything in perfect wrapping. Life will give you lemons, but you have to trust God and not put your trust in humans. Together with God, you can take those lemons and make delicious lemonade.

And that my friend, is no joke!

While being held hostage by my own thoughts and trust issues, I was always focused on people and their failure. Don’t get me wrong, I always compared and got compared. It was that thing again that crippled me …it told my mind: “Be aware, someone is going to fail you again.” This led me to overwork,  over think and I felt drained because I could not allow myself to let go and trust others. I couldn’t  appreciate the work of others and it was never satisfying…Until one day… I literally asked God to renew my mind and to remove these trust issues, not only for myself but for the people around me.

I realised that we are not perfect and if I look at my relationship with God, it is true that I fail Him daily… yet He is faithful to me. The most liberating thing that I’ve come to know is that; God is sovereign over all things. When we forgive, love and do our part, we can trust God to be faithful. He is the one who restores and rebuilds.

If you are struggling with trust issues, ask the Holy Spirit to guide you through this process. You will be surprised to see the results.

God’s Blessing.👑


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