Have you ever been told that fashion is a limited career? That there is no money and very little opportunities in this field of study.
Back in 2013, my cousin who has a passion for fashion, textiles and photography got accepted to pursue a career and study fashion. It was a bittersweet moment, as her heart was set on her desire to be a creator and creative individual. After all the excitement settled, it was unfortunate that many people started labeling this career as a struggling one , a low paying and as a side job or hobby.

For this reasons and my desire for creative inspiration , I decided to attend the Fashion Workshop hosted by Espafrika and the Cape Town International Jazz festival sustainable and training development program ( CTIJFTND) on 29 March 2017.

What stood out for me? 

I was blown away with the selection of panelist, it was an array of successful individuals working in a variety of creative fashion fields, to mention a few- Editor in chief of Glamour Magazine South Africa; Pina Fenster and Passionate Supporter of Buy SA clothing; Anita Stanbury.

The panel definitely had my attention, with their titles and years of experience in the industry. I was shocked that most of the audience agreed that fashion is a struggling industry.However, this is partly a reality in South Africa, mainly because it is a developing industry.

I really appreciated that Pina Fenster with years of experience, elaborated on the various and many careers in the fashion industry such as , Fashion Photography, Fashion PR, Fashion Bloggers, Designers, Textiles and designs and many more. This just proved to me that fashion is not a limited industry.

I feel that many students as well as aspiring students need to be educated on this , as staying true to yourself and following your passion is what everyone deserves. I will definitely recommend this workshop to all young aspiring fashionistas or students, to be motivated and inspired.

Quotes of the day: 

” Success is a long time struggle” Anita Stanbury panelist “.

” You are never to old for the fashion industry.” Pina Fenster panelists.

” Money can’t buy success, follow your passion” – from the audience.


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