Master Classes

My all time favorite workshop is the Master Classes. I would advise and recommend this workshop to everyone.It’s packed with nuggets for success and there is literally so much to learn and something for each individual to take home.

The Master Classes were hosted by Espafrika and The Cape Town International Jazz Festival Sustainable Training and Development programme. It took place at the beautiful Cape Sun five star hotel in Cape Town. I loved that this venue was central for everyone and the fact that the Master Classes had a two day take, with various artists on both days.

As usual these classes were packed and really took the cake. I attended the Friday class and was blown away by the knowledge and wisdom shared from the various international USA artists such as vocalist and song writer Andra Day ,Saxophonist Kamasi Washington, hip-hop band The Internet and music producer Taylor Mcferrin accompanied by drummer Marcus Gilmore.

Each artists or band had a session, which was about 45 mins long, they opened the floor by engaging with audiences and offering their personal stories and growth within the industry.

Kamasi Washington

A humble musician with a very intriguing stage presence. He shared many challenges he experienced by always struggling for gigs. He really captured the crowed by inviting any musicians in the audience to join him on stage.

Taylor Mcferrin & Marcus Gilmore

Their collaboration caught me off guard and I questioned why a producer would with a vast range would require extra assistance on stage. Taylor explained, that having a live partner on stage adds to the quality of the performance and he noticed that the crowed enjoys them. He praised Marcus for his “DOPE” beats and work on the drums.

The Internet 

This Hip-Hop band had the crowd and made them go crazy, personally I did not really take much from their session. I felt more annoyed by their behavior and management of the crowed, I found it a bit unprofessional, this might be because I am not a fan of their music.

Andra Day

Wow, words fail me to describe the beauty and stage presence of the lovely Andra Day. She has a wonderful teachable spirit and explained very topic regarding music, song writing in depth. I personally feel that she was my favorite artist for the year.





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