I believe that I have a creative mind, I have a deep desire to produce content, be it with my blog or an event, it really drives me to work harder and developing a better concept.

I attended the Music Business workshop in the week of the CTIJF workshop Festival, out of mere curiosity to understand how producers , songwriters and educators create and build on their craft as well share my experience and knowledge gained from this event with you. 

As we all know and which was said in this workshop , the Music Industry is highly competitive and their is a high demand for original, personal and emotional content.

The wonderful Gretchen Palarto, artist, educator and writer from USA- mention that; a song is a story, a personal story that can change many lives who will listen to it, many souls who encounter similar feelings and life experiences. She also stressed that trying to be a copycat or stealing someone’s ideas will not last and said that it’s important to remain true to who you are. “Your passion is what will set you a part.” Gretchen Palarto 

In a nutshell these are vital characteristics I picked up in the session:

  1. Get skilled 
  2. Be authentic 
  3. Work hard 
  4. Remain humble 
  5. Be persistent 


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