Where are the “techno-geeks” at? 

Well, a bit about myself; I am not really into technology except for spending time with my iPhone, neither do I play any musical instruments , the only thing I’m good at is clapping my hands and stomping my feet. 
You might ask why would I attend this workshop? To be honest, I looked so much fun and the music led me to the door. 

Thus, I found my self attending Music Thechology workshop on 29 March 2017, hosted by Espafrika and The Cape Town International Jazz Festival Sustainable and Training development program (CTIJFTND). 

What I liked:

  1. The atmosphere: There was a wonderful ambiance that drew people in. I am sure it was the music and the packed crowed. 
  2. Friendly staff and very considerate, why considerate? Well I didn’t RSVP for this workshop, and they just told me to sign in without any hassle. 
  3. The venue: Being at the Cape Sun Hotel was beautiful.
  4. Interaction with the audience: I appreciated that the musicians interacted with the audience and gave them constructive feedback. 

What I disliked: 

  1. I disliked the timetable: Many of the workshops was overlapping , making it very difficult to be on time for my other workshops.

This workshop was such an interesting one, I was amazed at the power of thechonolgy. It made a two man band( Dummer and Guitarist) seem like a they were a full on band with a pianist, saxophonist and many other tunes. I was surprised and blown away by the many sounds created on stage. This workshop was definetly for the technology lovers and musical talented. 


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