Put Jesus First.

Hi Liefie,

With the year rapidly coming to an end and everything demanding our attention – it can become extremely daunting trying to manage life with all its hurdles. Being rooted and grounded is an excellent starting point and it might just be what you need to glide through the rest of the year!
What does putting God first look like?
• Meeting with God in the first moments of your morning. It means seeking His face for strength and wisdom for the day ahead.
• Casting your cares on him. This translates to us giving God first place in our emotions and life. As his children, we don’t exalt our issues above him, because we know that He comes before our circumstances.
• We place a high value on his kingdom assignment and prioritize it as the top priority of our life.
• We risk everything for his sake and then rely on him completely. This basically means, living up to a Godly standard and not settling for anything that goes against it. We must be willing to surrender anything that goes against his plan for our lives.

So, you might think – What does putting God first have to do with making it through the year? Well, It has everything to do with ending strong. If we believe that the word of God is flawless and that he is indeed a God that does not lie. We will cling to him and remember that if we seek hi first, that he will give us everything we need for the task at hand.
Blessings 🌻

2 thoughts on “Put Jesus First.

  1. It is really spiritual it does make a person think especially when you are facing challenges on a day to day bases. Well written Toni Erasmus.


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