Shine Bright

You are worth… far more than rubies!

“Wherever you go, let your light shine. You never know who is walking through darkness and how an encounter with your light can transform.” #rootedwomen

Matthew 5:14 –

Stop seeing yourself in a lesser light! You are made with great intent. You are a Child of God, a royal priesthood. This week, don’t dim your light for anyone. Shine bright

What is self-controls?

“Self discipline begins with the mastery of your thoughts. If you don’t control what you think, you can’t control what you do.“

You are worth far more than rubies!

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Hello again

Thank you to my loyal followers for regularly following my blog and sharing your views/thoughts with me as well journeying along my amazing 2016 year! I am humbled by your impact, you have shown me through your comments and shares. With that being said, I am giving away a wonderful NKJV women’s study bible valued at  600 ZAR.

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Cinnamon Buns♡

We are slowly on our way to Easter and in Cape Town we have so much to share and eat, especially hot- cross buns. Well , I am not a fun of raisins and luckily I came across this Fantastic recipe on Afternoon Express today!
I’ve tried making it and I must say it’s extremely easy and so so delicious!


Cinnamon buns
Makes 6/12
300g plain flour
50g caster
Salt, pinch
10g sachet yeast
50g melted butter, cooled
200ml milk
1 egg, beaten
75g butter melted
75g Selati Demerara sugar
2 tsp cinnamon
Preheat the oven to 200C. Prepare 6 hole deep
muffin tin with wet grease proof squares.
Place all the dry ingredients in the mixer.
Mix milk, egg and cooled butter
Pour in and beat for 5 min
Tip into a grease bowl and prove for 1hour until
Meanwhile mix butter, sugar and cinnamon until
On sifted table spread dough into a rectangle
Coat with butter mix equally
With a floured dough scraper flip over the longer
side in to roll it up.
Divide equally into 6 and bake for 10-12 min until
just cooked


24FitBodyLab : With Coach Felicia

Welcome to the hi-way of your fitness journey!
If you are a health or fitness freak or the person that wants to change the way you look, lose weight,  build muscle or just make some good friends this is PERFECT for you.


Coach Felicia is a young,  enthusiastic and energy-filled individual who teaches at a school in the community during the day and I would say on her off days she focuses on her passion, which is to strive to become the fittest lady in Town! as well having a huge impact on the health and wellness of her community.


Saturday, I attend her fit-club know as 24fit-bodylab which is currently running at Alenby Drive Sports fields club in retreat.
I must say that I thoroughly enjoy every moment of it, I felt at home and that this could be a space for me to grow and develope myself physically and reach my weight loss goals.

I would encourage you to make the effort to attend one her classes which is on a Monday (6:30pm), Thursday (6:30pm) and Saturday (8am) you might see yourself becoming apart of this Amazing movement, Which is currently FREE. Becoming apart of this movement will open so many health and fitness doors that you never thought of…

click here for directions.


While you are here, like her Facebook page to be updated on more info!
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What to bring along:
Make sure you eat something!
1. A exercise mat or a towel.
2. A Bottle of Water.
3. An enthusiastic spirit and can do attitude.



I’ve been living in Cape Town all my and I’ve never been more excited about pursing this beautiful city and country.

 Cape Town is filled with so many adventures and beautiful places with local and international franchises that will satisfy your taste buds.

I’ve recently been  to Lekker in Kalk bay. I found the atmosphere very relaxing as I could gaze over the ocean and mountains right infront of me, with a excellent service , free wifi and oh so charming waiter’s.;)


You can take a train to Kalk Bay as it is right opposite the train station. Which makes this place very convenient for people using  public transport.
If you are not comfortable with takin the train, call a Cab or drive yourself. I must advise you that the roads are always on construction and it might take a while in traffic.


They do have a large variety of local foods on their menu and I must say they serve “Value for money” and delicious cuisines .

Where there is a will there’s a way. ♡

Table Mountain , 25Km and 9hours

On  September 24th, known as Heritage/braai-day to South Africans. The general population celebrates this public holiday by making a fire and enjoying delicious Braai meat as well as engaging in various cultural and traditional entertainment activities.
As for me I found  myself covered and surrounded by the beauty of nature . Here in the  mother city the heart of Cape Town and on one of the seven wonders of the world, Table Mountain.

Myself and Jodi taking the hills!

Each year we as a church community dedicate 25km as a pilgrimage and as a sign of love/gift to God. We travel from  shrine to shrine which is 25Km apart.  This is considered to be a hike….. which is literally the entire Table mountain .

My previous experience of the shrine to shrine:
It’s difficult being patient or even having a sense of endurance when you do not know where you are heading. My very first experience was a tormenting and  frustrating one . My entire body was affected.  I had blisters for days with stiff muscles and a painful body. I could Bearley walk or even move afterwards.  The feeling was very exhausting.
It was this feeling that moved me to improve and develop my fitness level!  I made sure that I was committed and consistent with my training…. I attend various physical activities and I am glad to say that I am 8 Kg lighter! 


This year I had plenty of energy and treasured every step I took . My heart was beating faster and the sun heated up as the day continued.  The hills were high  , the rocks were unstable and the thar was as hot as hell. Surprisingly I was not complaining instead I was captivated by the beauty of nature and humor of a friend , it was this that motivated and kept me from negative thoughts. Not only did I see it as a fitness challenge but as and opportunity to bond with my best friend and fellow parishioners .


If you are considering a staineous hike .
Here are some tips:
1. Do not over pack your bag.
2. Ensure that you have liquids, water is vital .
3. Protect yourself against the UV rays, sun screen and shades!
4. Think positive
5 . Have a optimistic friend.
6. Make sure you consume protein, it helps your body function properly as well as help repair your muscle.

Lessons in disguise:
1.You are capable if you believe you are.
2. Giving up is never a option.
3.The rewards are greater if you push harder.
4.You are stronger than you thought you were.

I would encourage you to challenge yourself and if you do find yourself in Cape Town,  I suggest you start or try out the various hiking trails such as Lions Head,  Devils Peak , slangkop and Kristen bosch . To find these locations you can make use of Google maps and GPRS systems.  These hiking trails are adventurous and filled with site seeing , it is approximately less than 4 hours each . They are safe but I would advise you to do it with a group and not individually.

Love and light♡

Where there is a will there’s a way. ♡

Recipes: Koesiesters☆


Growing up in Cape Town , where the malysiayn culture is still embedded in the general population, there culture and way of living.
When you do find yourself in Cape Town, and want to share in the diversity of the city, make sure you visit the well known Biesmiellah’s Café in Bo kaap. They sell the finest koesiester I’ve ever came across.

This delicious cuisine that I will be sharing with you, comes from
Malays origin which you probably know by now 🙂 and has been a lost tradition in my family.
When I was little my grandma would make some koesiesters every second Sunday. This was definitely something we as children looked forward to.
This is normally made with many spices such as cardamom,aniseed and ginger, I personally am not a fan aniseed and spicy treats, that is why I only add cinnamon, you  on the other hand can adapt this is recipe to your own preferences.

4 cups cake flour
2 cups self raising
⅓ cup sugar
2.5ml salt
10g (1 pkt) instant
10 ml fine
10ml fine ginger
10ml fine cinnamon
10ml aniseed
1 large egg
15ml oil
30ml butter
375ml (1½ cup) hot
375ml (1½ cup)
Oil for deep frying
Desiccated coconut
for sprinkling

1 cup sugar
1 cup water
1 cinnamon stick
2 cardamon pods

1. Mix flour with spices, sugar, yeast
and salt.
2. Melt butter in hot water and mix
3. To dry ingredients add egg, oil and milk-water mixture.
4. Mix  to form a soft smooth dough.
5. Leave to rise for about 1- 2 hours
in a warm place.
6. Once risen, moisten hands with oil
and roll dough into a sausage shape
and cut into 2cm slices.
7. Set aside to rise again.
8. Lightly stretch slices to form an
oval shape and deep fry in medium
hot oil until golden brown.
9. Remove with a slotted spoon and
drain on a paper towel.

1. Place all the ingredients in a large saucepan and bring to a slow boil, stirring to ensure sugar does not burn.
2. Stir until the sugar syrup becomes slightly sticky.
3. Boil the koeksisters in it for1- 2
minutes, remove with a slotted
4. Sprinkle with a little of the
dessicated coconut and serve hot

Well enough said! Go and bake some delicious hot koesiesters!
Love and light♡

Where there is a will there’s a way. ♡

Muizenberg: amateur surfer

With loads of enthusiasm I prepared for one of the top things on my bucket list.

Last summer I was very privileged to go surfing with a few friends as it is not a regular thing we do. We found ourselves in Muizeburg a very popular place for surfers.  Everyday the beach is full of surfers and general people who love the sea. If you a surfer you should definitely try Cape Town. 

First lesson

But wait…. was my first lesson what  I expected? 
This was a joke, it was everything but!  I could carry the board as it was too big for my arms to actually fit around it. Nevertheless,  after the coach had a safety chat with us
I was amped for the water.  It was as if I was in a movie everything happened in slow motion…. until reality happened.  The board flew right into my face with myself tumbling under the waves.  I struggled to get back up but as soon as I was stable another wave came. This was terrible…. lesson learnt: Never expert things to be perfect.
People are rewarded in public for things they practiced for years in private”

I guess that every surfer experienced the same thing I have experienced.  Over all for my very first time I personally think it went well. Just need more practice!

Myself and felicia totally excited

Keep moving forward,  never give up!

Where there is a will there’s a way. ♡

Slangkop South Africa

This weekend I went hiking in my home town Cape Town and I must say it is indeed the most beautiful city ever!


After doing various hikes and adventures I was looking for something much more relaxed and easy . This trail is real fun in  winter and summer , it’s super simple and everyone will enjoy it.  Not only are you surrounded with the beauty of Cape Town like the mountains and fynbos… but there a also undone houses where you can sit and relax or have lunch. 

Beautiful mountain
That moment you feel like victory!
Tilly and myself:) up high

This route is also very safe and great for photography;)

Where there is a will there’s a way. ♡